Kendal Foot Spa Massager Review

Kendal Foot Spa And Massager Review

It's common knowledge that a foot massage now and then helps with relieving the pain and stress built up in your feet. What people don't know is that they should be paying closer attention to their feet.

When people typically pamper their feet, you’ll see them using a foot spa. These machines are in every nail salon, and if you’ve ever gotten a pedicure treatment, then you’ve used one.

Home foot spa.

Fewer people are going to nail salons, and more are opting out to make personal in-home nail salons. A foot spa is a basis for all pedicure treatments, and there are some available that are perfect for personal at-home use.

Below is a detailed review of Kendal Foot Spa.

About The Product

Those who want a foot spa closer in design to the ones typically used in nail salons will find great use out of Kendal Foot Spa. You may not be familiar with the foot spa’s manufacturer, but that shouldn’t deter you from buying this it.

Kendal’s best selling products are all in the beauty and personal care department. The only products they manufacture in that department would be foot spas and foot massagers. It’s clear that Kendal specializes in producing foot related devices that create a therapeutic effect.

Compared to other foot spas, Kendal Foot Spa contains more extensive features that provide therapeutic versatility. You have more control over the foot spa’s functions, which makes soaking your feet in Kendal Foot Spa a truly relaxing experience.

What separate’s Kendal Foot Spa from its competitors is its all-in-one quality that combines the beneficial aspects of a foot massager and incorporates it into the design of Kendal Foot Spa.

The machine comes with three functions such as oxygen bubbles massage, heating therapy, and high-frequency vibration massage. All three features work together to create a superior foot spa that is guaranteed to remove any tension in your feet and improve overall blood circulation.

Features Of The Kendal Foot Spa

  • PTC heating semiconductor
  • Self-draining feature
  • ​Three pre-set programs with varying frequencies
  • ​Fits men's shoe size 14
  • Body made of high-quality plastic
Kendal foot spa.

Kendal Foot Spa is an affordable yet professional quality machine that works to alleviate stress and provide a therapeutic technique targeting your foot muscles and other parts of your body. The foot spa is big enough that you can comfortably use it at home without missing the nail salon.

Who Is Kendal

Kendal manufactures professional quality foot spas that function similarly to foot spas used in nail salons. Not a lot of information about the company itself exists, but there’s enough information to know that Kendall specializes in making foot spas and foot care products.

All Kendal personal care products have an elegant and sleek design that fits in perfectly with any home. Kendal Foot Spa has an all white body, gray top, and elevated ridges along the interior that come together to make two feet shapes. This dictates where you're supposed to place your feet.

Kendall Foot Spa provides comfort, convenience, and safety all in one machine. You can say that this statement is true about all Kendal foot care related products.

Who Can Benefit

If you’re tired of using a foot spa that doesn’t allow you to use bath salts or essential oils, you should consider giving Kendal Foot Spa a try.

Some popular foot spas lack the draining capabilities that Kendal Foot Spa come with, so people are limited as to what they can pour into the lukewarm water. By not incorporating bath salts and essential oils to a foot spa, you are cheating yourself of a full foot spa treatment.

Kendal Foot Spa is always guaranteed to give you the full foot spa treatment since it is designed with a self-draining feature that removes all the bath salts and essential oils found in the water.

Essential oils enhance the effects of Kendal Foot Spa by helping to soften your skin and to relax your mind and body. The essential oil’s therapeutic scent removes toxins buried deep in your feet to promote increased blood circulation.

Feet in spa bath.


Bath salts work to exfoliate your feet, so unwanted dead skin cells are no longer present. Epsom salts, which are a natural and healthy form of bath salts, consist mainly of magnesium. If you give yourself a foot soak with Epsom salts before going to bed, your quality of sleep will improve.

Kendal Foot Spa offers more medicinal and therapeutic benefits towards its user than most in-home foot spas.

What’s The Design

Get to know the technology behind the product.

Consistent Temperature

When you plug in Kendal Foot Spa, the machine will automatically start heating up the water you poured in. Unfortunately, you cannot control the temperature of the water, and the only way to get it to cool down if it’s too hot would be to unplug the machine.

Kendal Foot Spa comes with a top-grade PTC heating semiconductor that works the magic behind the temperature consistency. In fact, the semiconductor is responsible for Kendal Foot Spa’s fast heating system as well as providing multi-insulation protection.

Kendal Foot Spa is one of the few foot spa's to incorporate a secure and safe double overheating protection barrier that keeps the water warm and consistently hot.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Kendal Foot Spa's three pre-set programs that create the ultimate foot massage experience. On top of providing heat therapy, Kendal Foot Spa offers infrared solutions, oxygen bubble therapy, and high-frequency vibration massages.

Kendal Foot Spa gives the user a spa experience with the added benefits of a foot massage. Typically, people have to buy a separate foot massager to massage their feet, but Kendal Foot Spa eliminates the need for the additional machine. When you buy Kendal Foot Spa, you'll be saving yourself money and enjoying your two in one-foot spa and massager.


  • Can use Epsom Salts because of self-draining system
  • Easy to Clean
  • ​Quick and even heating of water
  • ​Customizable massage options
  • ​Multi-insulation protection
  • Large area


  • Water temperature is unadjustable
  • Some buyers had faulty parts

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Kendal Foot Spa brings the perks of a nail salon to your home. This means you can start to create a schedule specifically dedicated to maintaining your feet.

Kendal Foot Spa

It’s recommended to use Kendal Foot Spa twice a week to take advantage of its beneficial effects towards your feet and the rest of your body.

Amazon is the ideal online retailer where you can buy Kendal Foot Spa. Most buyers prefer Amazon since it offers a 60% discount off the product’s original price. For under $80, Kendal Foot Spa can save you a lot of trips to the nail salon.

Our Recommendation

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves in the comfort of their home. Kendal Foot Spa works on the same level as professional nail salon foot spas since it will not only clean your feet but also helps to relieve stress.

We would highly recommend you stop going to a nail salon and buy Kendal Foot Spa.

Our Rating

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