How To Choose The Best Foot Spa

How To Choose The Best Foot Spa

Nowadays, people would rather stay at home and give themselves a full pedicure treatment than going to a nail salon. Foot spas are inexpensive machines that turn your home into a relaxing environment, which is what it should be.

Continue reading to find out more information about foot spas and how you can incorporate one in your life.

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Best Overall Foot Spa

Brookstone Foot Spa

Best Multifunction Foot Spa

Ivation Foot Spa

Best Practical Foot Spa

Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa

Best Visually Appealing Foot Spa

ArtNaturals Foot Spa

Best Professional Quality Foot Spa

HoMedics Foot Spa

Why Should You Use Foot Spa

Everyone can benefit from using a foot spa because it not only works to improve the conditions of your feet but also the general well-being your body. Foot spas aren’t expensive, and you’ll save thousands of dollars by not going to a nail salon since you have one at home.

A foot spa uses reflexology techniques to apply pressure to reflex zones located in certain areas of your feet. Relieving pressure in a section of the foot can positively impact the rest of your body.

Foot spa.

The best foot spas are scientifically proven to reduce headaches, improve blood circulation, and prevent any ankle or foot injuries. If you want to enhance the already beneficial effects foot spas have on the human body; you can add essential oils that work to detox your feet and then the rest of your body.

If you have a physically demanding job, you need to take time out of your day to take proper care of your feet. Those who soak their feet in foot spas twice a week prevent upper body pain from developing and keep blood circulating healthily.

Foot spas don’t offer any negatives and only work to improve the general health of your body. You can’t go wrong with incorporating a foot spa into your life.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Foot Spa

Before buying a foot spa, you should know what you need to look for.


You need to make sure that before you decide to buy a foot spa that it can fit your shoe size. Standard foot spa capacities can typically fit a men’s shoe size 14. You may think that this is too large for your feet, but the excess space will prevent water from overflowing.

When placing your feet inside a foot spa, the water should go no further than up to your ankles. If you place your feet in the basin and the water overflows, then the tub is too small for your feet.


Depending on the foot spa you use, the heat function will vary. More traditional foot spas will require you to separately boil water ahead of time, while more advanced spas come with preinstalled heat functions.

Traditional foot spa.

An optimal heated foot spa can take cold to room temperature water and heat it up to start the foot soaking process. A high-end foot spa will only take a couple of minutes to heat up water to a designated temperature level.

Make sure that your foot spa can maintain a consistent temperature level, so the water doesn't end up going back to room temperature. This allows you to create a spa-like environment in the comfort of your home without having to get up every five minutes to change the water.

Massage Rollers & Bubbles

More modern foot spas are bound to have rollers located on the bottom of the device that offer a thorough massage targeted towards the bottom portion of your feet. You might see some foot spas using vibration technology and oxygen bubble therapy, which work to enhance the effects of the rollers.

Keep in mind that the more customizable features a foot spa have, the more likely you'll be satisfied with your device. Since feet are so delicate, you need to be able to adjust foot spa massage features to reflect what your feet need.

Easy To Set Up

When using a foot spa, you should first collect all the items you need to give yourself a full pedicure treatment. Once you have all your tools, you can pour some water in the foot spa and turn on the device.

Home pedicure treatment.

Remember to wash your feet before placing them inside the foot spa for purely sanitary reasons. After the machine is turned on, you can sit and place your feet inside the basin. The recommended time to spent soaking in a foot spa totals at around 15 minutes.

After your feet feel soft, you can continue with completing a pedicure treatment that involves scrubbing your feet and pushing your cuticles back to provide an even surface area to paint your nails.

Simple To Operate

Using a foot spa should be a relaxing experience, so you shouldn't find it difficult to use one properly. Most foot spas are toe-controlled, so you have to operate the settings by using your feet. This won't interrupt your in-home spa experience, which is good for your feet and body.

With toe-controlled foot spas, you can alter the temperature and massage settings right in the middle of a soak. You don’t even have to bend down or get up, so you truly feel as if you're in a spa.

Cleaning A Foot Spa

After every single time you use a foot spa, you need to clean it to avoid infections and bacteria from developing. Cleaning a foot spa isn't a lengthy process but is necessary.

You want to drain any leftover water and then remove any visible residue that may have gotten stuck to the foot spa basin. Make sure to clean the foot spa surface with soap and detergent that’s been approved by the manufacturer.

Once you've cleaned the foot spa using soap and detergent, you should let the clean water run through it to remove any leftover soap. Repeat this a couple of times until the foot spa looks impeccable.

Using Salts And Baths

After you turn on a foot spa and place your feet inside, you have the option to enhance the rejuvenating effects the device has on your feet. People typically add salts to the water solution in the foot spa, so your feet experience a bit of exfoliation.

Salt and lavender.

Essential oils are more effective in providing health benefits that target not just your feet but your mind and body. Each essential oil has a certain health benefit, so it’s up to you to choose which one will greatly benefit your body.

Our Recommendations For The Best Foot Spa

Finding a foot spa that gives you a thorough therapeutic foot care treatment requires research and an excellent understanding as to how foot spas function.

Best Overall Foot Spa

Below are detailed reviews of top-quality foot spas that you should consider before you make your final foot spa decision.

Brookstone Foot Spa

After a long day of work you normally can’t feel your feet once you go home. You don’t have to endure such immense foot aches since Brookstone manufactures a foot spa that takes care of the problem for you.

All you have to do is sit down in a comfortable seat and plunge your feet into Brookstone Foot Spa. You’ll experience the same relaxing sensation as you would in a nail salon, but now you’re in an even more comfortable environment- your home.

Brookstone Foot Spa works similarly to foot spa machines found in nail salons but is meant for in-home use. The device comes with water jets that rotate to hit places on your feet that have built-up pressure. Brookstone designed the water jets to be manually adjustable, so you control where the water will hit.

Another feature Brookstone made customizable is the foot spa’s bubble massage. You can choose between varying levels of bubble massage intensity, which will allow you to create a massage ideal for your feet.


  • Two hydro jets
  • Rotating jets with two adjustable speeds
  • ​Water jets
  • ​Heats up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ​Suitable for a men’s size 14
  • Removable pumice stone
  • ​Weight: 13 pounds
Aqua-Jet Foot Spa


Our Rating

Heat Maintenance

Once you turn on Brookstone Foot Spa, you'll have to start pouring the particular amount of lukewarm water you need to submerge your feet entirely.

In the meantime, Brookstone Foot Spa will start activating its heating mechanism, so within a matter of minutes, the water will reach a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, you cannot control the water’s temperature level, so you have to make do with Brookstone’s designated temperature.

If you have extremely sensitive feet, you may want to think twice before buying this foot spa since there’s a chance you could burn your feet and cause permanent damage.

Once Brookstone Foot Spa reaches a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it will keep the temperature level there until you’re done using the device. This means you can thoroughly enjoy the heat invigorating your feet without having to get up and add hot water to your foot spa.

Removable Pumice Stone

Brookstone Foot Spa offers some form of pedicure treatment since the device comes with a removable pumice stone.

Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa


Typically when you go to a nail salon, the pedicurist will scrub your feet using a pumice stone. Brookstone tried to incorporate a feature that distinguishes its foot spa as being a professional quality device but meant for household use.

A pumice stone is responsible for removing dry skin and calluses commonly found around the soles and heels of your feet. Once your feet have been soaked in water and you notice that your skin has a tender texture, you can gently rub the pumice stone against your foot’s rough patches.

Exfoliate with the pumice stone till your feet feel incredibly smooth to the touch. Thankfully, Brookstone included a built-in water drain to remove all the dirty water without forcing you to cause a mess.

Best Multifunction Foot Spa

Ivation Foot Spa

Most foot spas lack the ability to allow the user to customize features that best suits their foot care needs. Ivation stands apart from the rest of foot spas since the manufacturer designed its foot spa to be a combination of all foot care treatments.

More specifically, Ivation combined all the optimal features of shiatsu, hydrotherapy, acupressure, and heat to make the superior Ivation Foot Spa. The integrated foot care treatments allow the foot spa to deliver a thorough massage that targets your toes, heels, and soles.


  • Water jets
  • Acupressure Nodes
  • ​Full pedicure treatment
  • ​Weight: 6.7 pounds
  • ​LCD Screen
  • Function to Control Temperature
  • Function to Control Massages
Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Our Rating

How To Use

To use Ivation Foot Spa, all you have to do is plug it in and then fill the foot spa with water. You then have to select one of the spa session options available. Most standard foot spas don’t even offer this much freedom to its user, so it’s safe to say that Ivation Foot Spa is an innovative approach as to how a foot spa should function.

Ivation Foot Spa conforms to its user since you can choose the temperature of the water as well as a series of functions that work to soothe specific foot issues. The highest temperature you can choose is 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’ll only take Ivation Foot Spa a couple of minutes to heat up the water to that level.

If you want increased blood circulation, you should activate the bubble feature, which gently surrounds your feet to deliver a relaxing massage.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Those who spend a lot of time on their feet should take advantage of the two built-in motorized rollers included in Ivation Foot Spa. These rollers work best to alleviate tired soles and heels you typically experience after a long workout.

Ivation Foot Spa offers a luxurious feature that consists of a full pedicure treatment. The device comes with three attachment heads that make a pedicure possible.

  • Pumice Stone: this comes in handy if you have calluses and cracks surrounding the bottom of your foot. To use the pumice stone you have to soak your feet until the surrounding skin feels extremely soft. You should then rub the stone against the callus heavy sections until it is super smooth.
  • Brush: you'll need to use this to brush off any excess dirt on your feet.
  • Additional Node-Massage Head: Ivation Foot Spa has small sized nodes located at the bottom, but keep in mind that the pedicure kit includes an extra large sized node head. You can switch out the small sized nodes for the large sized ones to target certain areas of your feet.

Best Practical Foot Spa

Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa

When it comes to transporting a foot spa, Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa has made taking the device from one place to another an easy feat. Those who value easy cleanup and maintenance above all other features should consider Kendal Foot Spa.

The foot spa comes with four rolling wheels that make it easy to carry around when it’s full with water. Some people make the mistake of lifting a foot spa without realizing how heavy the machine weighs. The wheels decrease the chances of you spilling water, which makes your life easier.

Kendal Foot Spa also comes with a small-sized draining tube that takes forever to remove the water from the entire basin. What most people do is they drain some of the water, and then they roll the foot spa to their bathtub where they pour the rest of the additional basin water.


  • Three pre-programmed settings
  • PTC heating semiconductor
  • ​Body: High-quality plastic
  • ​Fits men's size 14
  • Self-drainage
  • Four Wheels
Kendal foot spa.

Our Rating

Three Pre-Programmed Settings

  • Heat & Bubbles
  • Vibration & Light
  • Vibration, heat, bubbles, & light

Kendal Foot Spa comes with three pre-programmed settings that dictate the type of massage you’ll be exposing your feet to. The device can properly deliver heating therapy, high-frequency vibration massages, and oxygen bubble massages.

Ergonomic Setting

Those who understand and value the benefits that reflexology has to offer will enjoy using the massage nodules that consist of ergonomic settings. These massage nodules are responsible for massaging your feet, and as a result, other areas of your body gain beneficial effects.

Feet in spa bath.


In fact, Kendal Foot Spa's massage nodules promote increased blood circulation throughout the entire body along with an improved metabolism. Those who constantly feel fatigued will also benefit from the ergonomic settings of the massage nodules.

PTC Heating

Kendal Foot Spa utilizes a top quality PTC heating semiconductor that works to quicken the heating process as well as works to maintain a consistent water temperature. Without the PTC heating semiconductor, the heated water would quickly drop to room temperature, which lessens the effect Kendal Foot Spa has on your feet.

Thankfully, the PTC heating semiconductor secures multi-insulation protection, so you can safely use the device without burning yourself. In fact, the double overheating protection PTC provides ensures that the water inside the basin stays warm and that the outside plastic stays cool to the touch.

Best Visually Appealing Foot Spa

ArtNaturals Foot Spa

People who tend to stay on their feet all day or anyone who’s an athlete should certainly consider incorporating ArtNaturals Foot Spa to their weekly personal grooming regime. Doctors typically recommend using ArtNaturals Foot Spa twice a week to make the most out of the invigorating effects it can have on your feet and body.

ArtNaturals stays true to its name since all their products are only made from natural ingredients. The company manufactures more than just foot spas, but their additional products are related to personal wellness.

ArtNaturals is widely known for its high-quality essential oils which you might consider buying if you want to enhance the beneficial effects of ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

Not all foot spas can accommodate to essential oils or Epsom salts, so you’re missing out on a feature that can significantly improve your health. ArtNaturals Foot Spa is essential oil and foot salt friendly, so you can add as much as you want and enjoy the enhanced affects about to take place.


  • Mini-whirlpool design
  • Comes with rollers
  • ​Contains nodes
  • ​Essential Oil and foot salt compatible
  • Portable handle
  • ​PTC rapid heating
  • ​Temperature control
  • Digital Display
  • BPA-free plastic
ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

Our Rating

Temperature Controls

ArtNaturals Foot Spa comes with advanced control features that most conventional foot spas lack. When you want to change the temperature of the water, you can do so by pressing the relevant button located near the digital display.

These obvious button locations make it easy to customize the foot spa to your desired temperature. Those who have extremely sensitive skin would benefit greatly from ArtNaturals Foot Spa since you can control the water's temperature levels. If it get's too hot, all you have to do is press the arrow pointing down, and the temperature will decrease.


When you look at other foot spa models, ArtNaturals Foot Spa has a unique design that isn’t reproduced by any other manufacturer. The foot spa comes with a large pink casing that accommodates to both small and large sized feet.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat

ArtNaturals Foot Spa interior design consists of light shades of brown that form a visually appealing contrast against the pink casing. The digital display is located in the pink section of ArtNaturals Foot Spa, which makes it readily accessible. This means you have easy access to all the controls dictating the temperature and movements of ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

Best Professional Quality Foot Spa

HoMedics Foot Spa

HoMedics functions on the principle that they manufacture products that create a healthy household environment. The company specializes in innovative massage technology, so you know that HoMedics foot care products are bound to be of professional quality.

Even though HoMedics also has a personal wellness line that consists of air filters, humidifiers, and aroma diffusers. Clearly, HoMedics thrives on creating products that promote a clean and healthy home.

HoMedics Foot Spa consists of HoMedics advanced massage technology, so the device functions similarly to foot spas found in nail salons. Since the device is meant for in-home use, it won’t function identically to nail salon foot spas.


  • Pedicure Center that comes with four attachments
  • Four pressure-node rollers
  • ​Splash Guard
  • ​Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Storage compartment
  • Heat Boost Power
  • Toe-touch controls
Foot Salon Pro Footbath with Heat


Our Rating

Heat Capabilities

HoMedics Foot Spa consists of a unique heat boost action that is specific to this device. The heat boost action functions to gradually warm up the water to a maximum of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a suitable temperature for people who have sensitive skin.

On top of working to raise the temperature, the heat boost action also helps HoMedics Foot Spa to maintain the overall temperature throughout the entire foot spa session. You don’t have to worry about adjusting any features, so you can just sit back and relax.

Vibration Technology

HoMedics Foot Spa vibration function gives it a distinctive quality when compared to the vibration functions of standard foot spas. Normally, foot spas on the market don’t have a completely separate vibration function.

HoMedics foot bath.


HoMedics Foot Spa uses innovative vibration technology to result in vibrations that move in a wave-like motion. Conventional foot spas vibration feature just emit bubbles, which doesn’t benefit your feet as much as a wave-like vibration.

HoMedics Foot Spa emits a constant stream or water that reaches your feet to relieve key pressure points as well as improve blood circulation.


Hopefully, the detailed reviews above provided sufficient information for you to make your final decision in which foot spa you'll be pampering yourself with. Out of all the foot spas reviewed, we would agree that HoMedics Foot Spa is the superior model because of its user-friendly and adjustable qualities.

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