ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager Review

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager Review

If your favorite form of exercise involves running, you need to make sure you take time out of your day to address your feet. Your feet contains thousands of nerve endings that can sustain damage if you don’t properly pamper them.

Numerous therapeutic methods help deal will foot pain, but the only method that garners consistent progress is by using a foot spa. You can't use any old foot spa since you need to find one the best suits your foot care needs.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa comes highly recommended by doctors and users alike since it's one of the few foot spas to come with customizable features. You have total control over every aspect of the foot spa treatment so that you can make the most out of ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

Below is a detailed review of ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

About The Product

For those who are constantly on the go, a foot spa is a therapeutic machine that functions to eliminate pressure and stress built up in your feet. Not only does a foot spa help rejuvenate your feet, but it also provides numerous health benefits that affect your entire body.

You may wonder how a foot spa that’s targeting your feet can affect other body parts, but keep in mind that the foot has thousands of nerves. When these nerves are exposed to a foot spa, they send signals throughout your body to increase blood circulation and even help to reduce headaches.

Features Of The ArtNaturals Foot Spa

  • Mini-whirlpool design
  • Contains nodes
  • Comes with rollers
  • ​Compatible with essential oils and Epsom salts
  • ​Built-in temperature controls
  • Digital display
  • BPA free materials
  • ​PTC Heating
  • ​Weight: 7 pounds
ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

ArtNaturals predominantly manufactures essential oils and products that improve both hair and skin conditions. Since the company specializes in aromatherapy, it makes sense for ArtNaturals to create a line of foot spas.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa is regarded as being one of the best foot spas that will complete all your pedicure needs. When you combine ArtNaturals Foot Spa with the ArtNaturals line of essential oils, you’ll have a foot care regime that will turn sore feet into happy ones.

Who Is ArtNaturals

ArtNaturals manufactures products that promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The company draws inspiration from nature to harvest eco-friendly, affordable, and health-conscious products that target your skin, hair, and body.

ArtNaturals is true to their name since they only use natural ingredients to make top-quality oil extracts from around the world to give your body the nourishment it needs. All ArtNaturals products are cruelty-free as well as BPA free so that no harm will come to your body.

Foot massage.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa is part of the company’s series of foot care devices that work to improve the physical state of your feet and body. ArtNaturals designed their foot spa will soothing pastel colors to promote relaxation and comfort.

Who Can Benefit

Athletes, runners, and people who fervently engage in physical activity often forget to take care of their body’s most important feature- their feet. Your feet consists of over 100 muscles that easily experience fatigue even after an hour of working out.

If you’re an athlete who has an ankle or foot injury, you should consider soaking your feet in ArtNaturals Foot Spa. It’s scientifically proven that ArtNaturals Foot Spa greatly helps to reverse the injuries sustained in physical activity.

Doctor's commonly recommended ArtNaturals Foot Spa to patients that have foot and ankle problems because it enhances the effects of physical therapy. This means you have a shorter recovery time than if you just stuck to physical therapy.

When you combine ArtNaturals Foot Spa with ArtNaturals Essential Oils, you’re creating a foot care powerhouse that will not only stimulate your feet but your entire body. If you want a full body spa treatment in the comfort of your home, you’ll surely benefit from using ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

Design Is Customized To Your Needs

ArtNaturals Foot Spa comes with settings that are easy to maneuver, so your feet receive the treatment it requires. Not all feet are created equal, so it makes sense for ArtNaturals to make a foot spa that has customizable features that target areas of your feet that would otherwise go unattended.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat

When you place your feet inside ArtNaturals Foot Spa, you have to choose a temperature that won't cause any harm. The water shouldn't be reaching scorching temperatures since it will cause more damage to your feet than good.

The proper water temperature in ArtNaturals Foot Spa should be reaching lukewarm numbers. If you can’t easily place your feet inside ArtNaturals Foot Spa, the temperature you chose is incorrect.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love ArtNaturals Foot Spa for its heat, roller, and bubble functions that prove it to be extremely effective in maintaining proper foot care. On top of the foot spa having practical features, ArtNaturals designed it with a large pink casing that makes it visually appealing.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa looks elegant and performs up to professional foot spa standards, which is rare to find in a foot spa. Most standard foot spas don’t have visually appealing designs, and also lack customizable features. It’s clear that ArtNaturals Foot Spa is the most user-friendly foot spa to enter the foot care market.


  • Temperature Control Unit
  • Easy to use due to digital settings
  • ​Can add Epsom salts and essential oils
  • Lightweight BPA-free plastic


  • Bubblers lack power
  • Water can leak through

Our Buying Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, ArtNaturals Foot Spa understands your foot's needs and allows you to take control of the foot spa treatment. All buyers agree that ArtNaturals Foot Spa is an ideal foot spa for those seeking a high-quality machine that attends your pedicure needs.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

Out of all the online retailers that sell ArtNaturals Foot Spa, Amazon is the ideal vendor to go to. Amazon only sells ArtNaturals Foot Spa from third party vendors because the product isn’t mass produced anymore. For under $50, ArtNaturals Foot Spa will satiate your foot care as well as your pedicure needs, so you’re in a state of ultimate comfort.

Our Recommendation

This is an ideal foot spa if you’re unsatisfied with other foot spa models that wouldn’t allow you to customize its therapeutic features. We would highly recommend buying ArtNaturals Foot Spa since you’ll save money by not going to the nail salon.

Our Rating

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